Bike Tire Sealant


Our revolutionary tire sealant, The Flat Stopper.™ Our break through formula and portable applicator is designed to provide superior protection for your bicycle tires and helps eliminated the inconvenient flat tire that you might get on remote trails, during weekend rides, or on your daily commutes.


The Flat Stopper™ formula is designed to work in tube and tubeless bicycle tires (and for use with presta valves) to seal punctures from objects up to 1/8” (3.18 mm) in diameter. Use The Flat Stopper™ proactively to prevent flats and help tires last longer.


Two vials for the average Off road tire. One vial to treat average On-Road tire!

Purchase a 1.8 oz. bottle of TFS “the worlds greatest sealant”: for $4.00 and we will give the second one free.

Apply Pro-actively & “Be The Leader of the Pack”

Use The Flat Stopper™ TFS3 in your children’s bikes, and reduce the worries of what might happen to your loved ones should they get a flat tire. Professional inner-city courier services and delivery companies rely on The Flat Stopper™ for Bikes to eliminate flat tires and make sure that their deliveries make it to their destination on time. It’s colored a friendly shade, but our delighted customers tell us it’s worth its weight in gold.


Your Valve stem must have a removable core to apply The Flat Stopper™ (TFS) thru stem assembly! Application of the sealant can be made directly into a tubeless tire, if stem is not removable (Check QR code on web site for details.)


The Flat Stopper™ is manufactured in the US, is environmentally friendly and is completely safe to use.

It is not explosive or flammable, and contains no carcinogens or ozone depleting chemicals.

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