low profile tire sealantLow profile tires need a good tire sealant!


Manufacturers request that you check the pressure in your low profile tires every 2 weeks.  That is because the stiff sidewall of your special tires makes it hard to see if your tire is flat just by looking.

If it is flat and you take a corner hard, then your tire is likely to come right off the wheel.


So…have you been checking?  Probably not.  They look fine, right?

So, how can Flat Stopper help?

nail tireFlat Stopper instantly seals any and all common punctures you will get in your tires as you drive.  But where it really helps your low profile tires is in that Flat Stopper will also prevent the slow leakage you experience through the tire sidewall and around the bead!

That means your tires will retain their air pressure much longer and you will be less likely to be driving around on a dangerous flat tire!  You still need to check your tire pressure, just not as often.

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