the flat stopper for agricultural equipment

Industrial tire sealant off road, commercial, agriculture, farm equipment

Flat Stopper is the only bio friendly, industrial tire sealant, guaranteed to seal all common agricultural and farm
equipment tire punctures before they stop your
equipment, planting and harvest!

flat tire bigYou know how important it is to have your equipment up and running.  No matter weather it is your tractor, combine, mower or loader…

Anytime you have broken equipment that has your workers sitting around, wasting time, waiting for something to be fixed you are looking at


The most common problem with your equipment, that costs you thousands to fix, ruins your day and dramatically cuts into your hard earned profit is

flat tires

Just 1 nail, screw, wire or screwdriver…That’s all it takes to have opperations grind to a halt while someone comes out to patch or replace your tire.

 It does not have to be that way!  A simple treatment of your tires with Flat Stopper will instantly seal any common holes in your tires as they happen.

Our unique formulation of carefully selected minerals permanently creates a solid plug in the tire as you drive.  Our tests show that one easy application of Flat Stopper can seal hundreds of holes in a single tractor tire while saving you thousands in tire repair, tire replacement and lost time.

Here is what a few of our customers have to say!

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Flat Stopper Benefits


Let Flat Stopper keep your equipment running and your profits high.

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