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Industrial tire sealant off road, commercial, agriculture, farm equipment

Flat Stopper is the only industrial tire sealant, guaranteed to
protect your refuse/waste management truck tires from
the common punctures you get at the landfill.

flat tire bigYour sanitation or waste management company runs on a tight schedule.  You have to keep the trucks moving and meet your deadlines.  

You do not have the time to waste on mechanical breakdowns so you keep the trucks in top shape.

It is paying off for you most of the time but there is one thing you can’t prevent no matter what you do.

It’s costing you more money than you want to admit and wasting your time.  

It is your number 1 avoidable expense…but what can you do about…

flat tires

We feel your pain.  All that money wasted on towing, flat repair and tire replacement.

Just 1 nail, screw, wire or screwdriver…That’s all it takes to cost you hundreds.

 It does not have to be that way!  A simple treatment of your tires with Flat Stopper will instantly seal any common holes in your tires as they happen.

Your flat tire worries will be over!

Our unique formulation of carefully selected minerals permanently creates a solid plug in the tire as you drive.  Our tests show that one easy application of Flat Stopper can seal hundreds of holes in a single truck tire while saving you thousands in tire repair, tire replacement and lost time.

Here is what a few of our customers have to say!

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Flat Stopper Benefits


Let Flat Stopper keep your equipment running and your profits high.

Call today to order or find out more!