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The product install went really well, the pump is the secret.

To date, we have not had one single service call on any of the lifts. The ballasted tractors I have one my farm tractors is where I am most impressed. We have been clearing Russian olive trees with 2 inch thorns that last year we had two calls in one week. Since Flat Stopper install I haven’t even add air. Very happy I found your product!

I have told some of the people I know about Flat Stopper, hopefully they are calling.

Steven, Salt Lake City, Utah


testimonial 1 boxThis is truly a great product that I have used in our Gehl RS-8 telehandlers and skid steer loaders.

We have a number of new home framers that were constantly having problems with flat tires due to nails on the job site.

This product ended the problem for us completely!

This is a low cost alternative to foam filling that actually works.

Bill Mass,  Rocky Mountain Construction Equipment Inc


testimonial 2 box We have found that we no longer need to air up tires very day. After testing several tire sealants that failed to perform, discovered that (Flat Stopper) tire sealant out performed these products by effectively sealing common punctures, and loss of inflation through sidewalls. Downtime from flat tires has been reduced, allowing us to provide consistent service and support to our many customers.

(Flat Stopper) sealant is easy to apply, washes off with water and is bio-friendly.  We reduced our tire related repair cost significantly, ROI was almost instantaneous.

Ron Murphy
Maintenance Supervisor
Ventura County Fair Grounds


testimonial 3 box

When Trak-n-Seal (now Flat Stopper) first approached me over 4 years ago with a product that would inexpensively seal tires that were punctured on job sites, my first reaction was that, although it was a good idea, it was not a priority because customers were responsible for tire repairs.  After lengthy discussions with Jack Hull, the man who developed the product, we concluded that the important issue was customer service, not who paid for tire repairs.  If we were to offer equipment to our customers that would not be subject to flat tires, and if that cost was not prohibitive, we would have an edge over our competition.

We instituted a program where we filled the tires of all our equipment.  At the time the mixing and filling process was fairly time consuming, but

…our tire tire repair costs plummeted.

This was not only good for our customers, but our costs were significantly reduced as well, due to the number of tire repairs that are either disputed by or refused to pay the customer.

Recent innovations in the application of the sealant have made the task of filling, re-filling tires much easier and more cost effective.  The sealant is packaged in water soluble plastic bags, which can simply be dropped into the tire and water added.  Trak-n-Seal (Flat Stopper) has developed a chart to determine how many bags and of what size for each particular tire size.  It makes it quite simple.

The use of tire sealant is an effective, inexpensive method of gaining an advantage over the competition.  I highly recommend the Trak-n-Seal (Flat Stopper) product to be used for the purpose.

Stan Millard
Branch Manager
United Rentals.  Ventura, CA


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