The Flat Stopper FAQs

1.  Can Flat Stopper be used on all types of tires?

Generally, yes!  We are not currently recommending use in cars with soft suspensions as Flat Stopper will protect the tire but the extra weight may effect the handling.

2.  How does Flat Stopper work?

Flat Stopper is a unique formulation of a variety of minerals and a particular fiber commonly found in clothing.  The mixture is suspended in water inside the tire.

When a puncture occurs, the minerals and fibers are forced by air pressure into the hole.  This creates a flexible and permanent seal around the object that caused the hole or in the hole itself if the object is removed.

3.  Can tires that are treated with Flat Stopper be retreaded?


4.  Can Flat Stopper be used in tires with tubes?


5.  Is Flat Stopper strictly for fixing damaged tires?

No! Use it to prevent flats before they happen.

6.  Can Flat Stopper help maintain correct tire pressure?

Yes!  By sealing the sidewall and bead Flat Stopper prevents air from passing through the tire itself as the rubber becomes more porous over time.

7.  Does Flat Stopper extend tire life and retard dry rot?

Yes!  Your tires will run cooler and maintain their pressure.

8.  Will Flat Stopper eventually dry or ball up in the tire?


9.  Will Flat Stopper last as long as the tire?

Yes!  It is reusable long after your tire is worn out.

10.  Do you need to stir Flat Stopper prior to use?

Yes! We have complete mixing instructions.

11.  Do you need to deflate the tire to install Flat Stopper?

Yes.  See the installation instructions.

12.  Does Flat Stopper have a shelf life warranty?


13.  Does Flat Stopper cause tires to go out of balance?

No!  It spreads evenly around the inside of the tire as you drive and will even help balance tires on trucks and other heavy equipment.

14.  Will Flat Stopper rust or corrode rims?


15.  Can tires treated with Flat Stopper be repaired?


16.  Does Flat Stopper create a sticky, hard to clean mess, when installing or dismounting?

No!  Flat Stopper uses a special formulation of minerals that is easily washed away with water.  Do not put flat stopper down the drain.

17.  Is Flat Stopper a permanent repair?

Flat Stopper will last the life of your tire.

18.  Is a Flat Stopper repair as good as a patch?

Yes!  You may never know you have most punctures that would have caused a flat!

19.  Does Flat Stopper collect in the bottom of the tire?

Flat Stopper is designed to have less than half the viscosity of competing products.  This allows Flat Stopper to pool when the tire is at rest and spread evenly when driving – allowing the entire inside of the tire to be evenly coated and protected while helping to balance the tire.

20.  Does Flat Stopper freeze in cold climates?

We have special instructions for preparing Flat Stopper in cold areas.

21.  Is it difficult to install Flat Stopper?


22.  Is the amount of Flat Stopper in the tire important?

Yes!  Check out our measuring charts to find the proper amount for your tire.

23.  Will Flat Stopper corrode or harm steel belts?


 24.  Can Flat Stopper be used on punctures over 3/8ths inch?

Yes.  Flat Stopper can be combined with up to 2 mushroom plugs in off road applications (not for cars) to seal punctures up to 3/4th inch.

25.  Did Flat Stopper used to be called Track-n-Seal?

Yes.  We are the same company with a new name and newer advanced formulation.  Track-n-Seal was used for ballast and sealant in off road tire applications.  With Flat Stopper we are able to protect the tires of off road equipment as well as other uses such as for horse trailers, refuse trucks and waste haulers, low profile tires, motor homes, busses and even mountain bikes.